Wednesday, September 10, 2014

[D&D5] Krull the Ugly Half-Orc Cleric of Love and Beauty

So my group of friends are starting a 5th Edition D&D campaign, where I (finally!) get to be a player in. it's funny, but the vast majority of my time playing Pen and Paper role-playing games has been as a GM. From the homebrew system in high-school the evolved to be the game I'm helping make today, to D&D today, I'm almost exclusively the one running the campaign. So when my friend said he was starting a new campaign, I jumped to join.
I'm pretty well love both the tactical and role-playing aspects of the game. Previous characters included a Halfling bard (where I actually wrote poem/song lyrics while we played about the party); a 2nd Edition-style Chaotic Neutral (read: unstable) Fire Mage who ended up burning down the ship we were on after a party member pulled a prank; a gnomish wizard who thought the souls of his ancestors who were trapped in gems, so he had to look at EVERY gem the party found. So I like my characters a bit quirky.
Our party is pretty magic heavy. With two Wizards (one of whom is a Tinker Gnome with 19 intellect but only 4 Wisdom, that'll be fun), a Wild Magic Sorcerer, and a Barbarian, we needed someone tanky-healy. So Melee-Cleric it was. Turns out that in 5th edition, if you choose the Life Domain, you get Heavy Armour proficiency automatically.
And so Krull the Half-Orc was born. Needing some good martial combat abilities meant boosting my strength and constitution rather than the normal just go for your primary statistic, which is nice. But of course I needed to figure out which god I worshipped. All of the Life deities in Forgotton Realms sounded pretty boring, until I saw Sune, Goddess of Love and Beauty. Half-orcs aren't traditionally seen as pretty, so I figured, there's a twist. Second twist: a cleric with only 8 charisma. So I'm not just ugly, but bad at proselytizing.

We start playing in a couple weeks, and my GM wants us to hand our backstories in. I figured, why not make a blog post about it? So, I present, Krull, the (ugly) Half-Orc Cleric of Love and Beauty.

Krull grew up in a small city on the outskirts of civilization. Being a half-orc was a strike against him, but he was blessed with the gift of great beauty, which allowed him privileges that his other half-orc brethren could never know. A fairer half-orc you would never find. While he lived with his human mother in the town, he was approached by some clerics of the goddess Sune when he was 15, who recognized his fantastic beauty. And so he became a disciple of the order of Love and Beauty.

His year at the temple was enjoyable, though he missed his mother terribly. He would make the 3 day trek to his hometown every other month to visit her. It was on one of these trips where he was assaulted by a number of unruly half-orcs, both disdainful of his kow-towing to the humans, but also jealous of his looks and ability to fit in. With a vial of acid, one of them disfigured Krull's face in the attack, and left him on the side of the road with the warning that if he ever showed his now-ugly face ever again, they would finish what they started.

It's been another year. Krull is 17 years old, and he has spent it in seclusion, training to be able to protect himself better. He hasn't left the temple since, and spurns the help of his more lovely compatriots, ashamed of his scarred face. He's taken to wearing a hooded cloak, covering his visage. While he still technically believes in the tenets of love and beauty, his experience has left him a little warped, that perhaps love and beauty are meant only for a select few, and those who aren't blessed with them should uplift those who have.

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  1. First thought was of the Joker origin story with the acid but at the end after explaining how he handles his disfigurement makes me think of him wearing a Phantom of the Opera mask. Both have character traits that would epic to roll play