Wednesday, February 10, 2016

[IndieDev] Amsterdam Bound! Awards and Conventions

Flying Helmet Games, myself included, have been pretty head's down the past few weeks trying to finish up our big Combat Update for Eon Altar, which should be coming very Soon™. I've personally also been working on a feature that should help bring our game up to more modern standards for RPGs, but that won't be until the patch after next.

But in the meantime, a couple of us will be going to Casual Connect in Amsterdam for the Developer Showcase, where I'll get to man our booth along with our Creative Director. One of the benefits to being a tiny company. I've never been to Amsterdam, either, so I'm really excited to see it. Networking opportunities abound, as well, so I suppose I'll have to get over my social awkwardness for a week.

But on that note I'll be gone for nearly two weeks, so my blog updates are still going to be sporadic at best.

Awards and Nominations

Something To Behold - Most Unique Gameplay
The reason for going to Casual Connect Europe is that Eon Altar has been nominated for the Indie Prize, which judging by the other entries nominated is in fantastic company. I don't know if we'll win, given how many participants there are, but I think we have something unique to offer, and judging from other awards we've received so far, I'm not the only one to think so.

The Big Indie Pitch Trophy

Recently we showed at Montreal's Big Indie Pitch, and came in 3rd place for it. Curse Gaming gave us an award (with a physical trophy!) after PAX Prime 2015 for, "Something to Behold--Most Unique Gameplay." We're one of Pixelkin's Editor Picks for PAX Prime 2015 as well. Holy Grail From Hell put us on their "PCs Finest Games of 2015" list under the Unfinished/Early Access category. Ookpixels thought our story was interesting enough to write a massive article on the origins of Flying Helmet Games.

Pixelkin Editor's Pick Logo we have on our Steam page
Here's hoping the Indie Prize judges also think we have something awesome to offer, but either way it's a fantastic honour and opportunity to go to Amsterdam to participate in the event. We're starting to make (good) waves and I can only hope to continue doing so until our release and beyond.

Onwards and upwards!
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