Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Blogger approaches! Command?

I've bandied about the idea of starting my own blog for quite some time, and the New Blogger Initiative started by some nice folks in the MMO blogosphere gave me the impetus to start. I notice that I enjoy having a conversation with some people on the internet, and often leave lengthy comments in response to people's posts. Sometimes I feel I need a soapbox, even if I'm just shouting at an empty lot. Other times I feel like some technical aspects of gaming are interesting enough to talk about.

That leaves me with creating my own blog, instead of scattering my thoughts willy-nilly across the intertubes, though I'll probably continue to do so.

So what exactly are the types of topics that could pop up? Let's have a stab at some ideas:
  • World of Warcraft
    • I'm a big fan of my Holy Paladin, bashing monsters with my Enhancement Shaman, and dabble in the Frosty side of Magery.
    • I'm a raid leader, so topics pertaining to running and participating in raids may show up.
    • I'm a part of an incredibly large social guild, so there may be interesting things that pop up from that.
    • Technical aspects. Why is there lag? What might Blizzard's server setup look like?, Authenticators, RealID. Talking, discussing and explaining the technical details of what I can figure out in layman's terms.
  • D&D
    • I'm a DM more often than a player. On occasion topics may pop up on D&D, from storytelling to encounter building.
  • Board Games
    • My friends and I play a lot of board games. Arkham Horror, Dominion, Munchkin, Castle Ravenloft, and Descent just to name a few. The more complex, the better!
  • Other Video Games
    • Console RPGs, industry news, puzzle games, game design, strategy games, and more.
So this blog will probably concentrate somewhat on WoW, with a smattering of other topics to keep things interesting. Feel free to request topics, one can never have too many ideas for blog posts, I imagine. But in the end I'll write about whatever I want to write about.

The boring nitty gritty of update schedule and comment policy. Updates will hopefully happen 2 times a week. I'm going to stab at Sundays and Thursdays for now, with extra updates if I have something else to say. I may up the rate if I have extra time on my hands.

Comments are more than welcome, I enjoy a good, well thought-out argument. However, ad hominems and personal attacks to anyone, other commentors included, will be deleted without warning. Posts such as "First" or two or three word comments will probably get deleted, as they don't contribute to the conversation. Feel free to disagree with what I write, but please back up your statements. I'll try to include data to support my arguments, and I expect the same of you.

Finally, I'm a software developer, not an English major. I'm going to warn you ahead of time that my writing may not be the best out there. We make for very poor spellers. I'll at least endeavour to keep spelling correct.

So there we have it! Off we go!

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