Wednesday, February 5, 2014

[WoW] The Paragons are Dead, Long Live the Paragons

I was going to create a post about information disclosure in video games, but I'll save that for Sunday. Instead I shall celebrate the Wednesday raid's victories over Siegecrafter Blackfuse and Paragons of the Klaxxi on 10N.

Siegecrafter we had gotten a few pulls in a couple weeks ago before resetting, and today he went down after about 45 minutes of pulls. It was nice that folks were absolutely on top of their own positioning and ensuring that the room was clear of hazards. Or as clear as they can be on Siegecrafter. All in all, it took us a total of 17 pulls, which is a fair number, but thankfully his complexity is front-loaded, so most pulls we were dead in about 2 minutes or less anyhow.

Sawblade out of freaking nowhere. Holy Paladin Pinball is not my favourite game.
I managed to bail on the fight running to get out of the bad, and I turned a corner around a sawblade with the druid healer who apparently was ALSO getting a new sawblade, so I got pinballed into the bad and killed. That'll learn me. Next time I'll just bubble if that's going to happen.

Moment of Death. Our Tank had just died from a 4th stack of the debuff, but we had things in hand.
Paragons was interesting. Our kill was a bit messy. We ended up losing three people along the way, but a kill is a kill. I thought the enrage timer was tighter on them, but I guess that's only Heroic. Normal we had plenty of time even with 3 dead DPS. Go figure. But man, there are a LOT of mechanics to think about for that fight. Thankfully it really just comes down to kill order, clever use of Encase Amber, and staying out of the bad (or alternatively, getting in the bad for Aim). You don't even really need to use the Paragon's abilities for the most part. A little reminiscent of the Twin Consorts in Throne of Thunder, actually.

3 DPS down, but we did it. Healer DPS FTW.
So hooray for us! Garrosh is on notice, we're going to lock and give him a whirl next week. And then when we kill him, I can finally take alllll of our kill videos and stitch them together into a fun montage.

As far as the Sunday raid goes, though, I did a lot of thinking and in the end decided I just wasn't having any fun. Between working too much, the lack of progression, and the amount of effort I have to put into that raid week after week, I just ended it. My backup leader had already bailed a few days prior, too, so that helped my decision. But it was nice having Sunday free the past couple weeks, so perhaps I'll just chill and stick with the Wednesday raid and play some other games on Sundays. Raid leading is an immense amount of work, and I really don't recommend it if you're doing it by yourself. But lesson learned. We'll see what happens for WoD.


  1. Grats. Sawblade ping-pongs are the worst.

    1. Thanks!

      The worst was I already knew better than to put myself between the boss and another sawblade, but there weren't a whole lot of other places to go. Still bad planning on my part, but until I reviewed it on the kill footage later, I wasn't 100% sure what had happened at the time.