Monday, June 23, 2014

[WoW] Guild Kill Montage Video from Siege of Orgrimmar

I was going to do up a post about Wildstar dungeon difficulty, but I want to do a bit more research still. Instead, this weekend I finally put together a montage of our guild's run through Siege of Orgrimmar, taking our first kill videos, slicing them up, and putting the raid story together.

I used Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13.0 for editing, Audacity for sound, and FRAPS for recording.

It was fun to put together, but a lot of work. About an hour's worth of editing for a minute of footage. Took about 20+ hours total over the weekend. The raid is just way too damn long, even dropping Spoils (because boooring), and doubling up some of the middle filler bosses in split screen.

Some of the highlights are the Galakras kill, where our Druid tank ended up soloing the last 9% of his health or so. Siegecrafter you can watch our boomkin get pinballed and saved, then I get pinballed and died. Lots of the kills ended up by the skin of our teeth, too, like Paragons, Shaman, and Sha. Garrosh himself is actually two takes: one of our actual first kill, where I brought a DPS with strong off-heals (Enhancement), and one of our 3rd kill, where I was 2 healing on my Paladin. Made for a fun exercise comparing the two.

I will note that Sony Movie Studio Platinum is amazingly powerful, and terribly buggy. Rendering a movie would often insert static in the sound or video, and one render to another it would be different places. However, if you save your project and recycle the application, you get a nice clean render. Not sure why they have such an awful bug, but I have a few guesses.

Anywho, there it is above, all 21 minutes of glory. Enjoy!

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  1. And for those of you who were here earlier and the video was private, oops. Fixed it!