Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The First Rule of PAX Dev...

... is what happens at PAX Dev stays at PAX Dev. What? Mixing quotes is just fine.

Just before PAX Prime, the PAX gaming convention machine hosts a two-day black box event for video game developers. If you're not interested in education about making video games, you would be pretty bored because the event is literally nothing but panels. But for the rest of us here, it's a fantastic opportunity to learn more about coding, game design, writing, and so on. Basically, the craft of creating games.

So why no media or blogging about the event? One reason is it gives developers a safe space to discuss things without said things getting taken out of context. They can talk about game design and why they made certain decisions without having to worry about someone who is unfamiliar with the jargon getting offended or taking it the wrong way.

What? You wouldn't take things the wrong way? That's great, because someone would. For example:

So the ability to have a conversation or discussion without having to worry about it being reported on is absolutely invaluable. So off I go to learn more about game development, but unless a panelist says I can, you won't see me blogging about it here.

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