Monday, April 13, 2015

[IndieDev] Eon Altar Developer Video Blogs: Muran the Battlemage

Over the past couple weeks my coworkers have put together some video blogs on how one of our player characters, Muran, went from concept to bad-ass battlemage. The videos will give some insights as to the processes behind designing a player character in our game, and show off a number of different aspects of game creation. I highly recommend taking a look!

Concept Art

Combat Design

3D Art & Game Writing


Audio & QA

Sadly I'm not in any of them. As a developer rather than an artist or designer I'm not really involved in the minutia of characters. Oh, sure, the underlying systems that allow the artists and designers to create these characters in our game, but nothing specific to Muran herself. Still, it's exciting to see the stuff our team's been doing!
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