Wednesday, May 6, 2015

[IndieDev] My Game Eon Altar on Greenlight! Mobile-Enhanced Co-op RPG

Well, not only my game, there's a few of us working on it, but this is the shortest way to convey I'm on it too.

But! The game that I've been working on is finally on Steam Greenlight! We have a trailer, and we need votes so we can actually sell our game. What is Eon Altar? Well, video is worth a novel, or something, right?

Breaking it down, it's a co-operative RPG for 1 - 4 players, the main game is on your PC/Mac, and you connect to it via your iOS or Android device to control your character, do RPG character-sheet things like upgrading abilities or digging through lore, and get secret quests, party votes, and play out dialogue. You can see more information on our website:

Team Photo, at our largest.
For background, we're a small team, anywhere from 5 - 30 people depending on the cycle, mostly based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. I'm remote, in Seattle, WA, US. We've been working on this iteration in earnest for about a year now, though the founders of the company started with a prototype they shopped around PAX East, GenCon, and IDC a few years ago. Many of us graduated in the same class from a small town--Cranbrook, BC--and went our separate ways for a few years only to come back and make a game based on some work we did in high school with a pen and paper RPG, along with some other extremely talented folks we've met along the way.

The main game play occurs on your PC/Mac
But your mobile device let's you control your character, choose abilities, level up, view lore, and more!
We've built the game in Unity (if my other blog posts around Unity didn't give that away!), which allowed us to get up and running really quickly in terms of not having to build a bunch of engine from scratch. We still have a bit of work ahead of us as well, as we're not quite done. But we're super excited to show things off!

If you have questions, or platforms you'd like to see the game on that aren't announced, or anything of the like, I suggest directing them to our Greenlight page. They'll get the most traction where the whole team is seeing it.

Building an RPG the technical and artistic scale that we've aimed for in about a year is kind of insane, when you think about it. We've done a pretty good job I like to think, and it's not over yet! But at the end of the day we are a (relatively) small team, so we can't promise we'll implement everything folks ask for. But we'll take it into consideration.

If you like what you've seen, or think our game is neat, please vote YES on our Greenlight page. It's the only way for us to get our game on the Steam platform, outside of getting a big publisher. We're indie and have managed to keep it that way to maintain our own vision of what our game should be like, and we can't finish this without the support of others.

We hope to see folks playing Eon Altar soon! #IndieDev, #EonAltar, #Greenlight

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