Friday, August 28, 2015

[Eon Altar] We're Live! Early Access and PAX Prime

Last post I promised I'd let folks know when we were live, and well, we're live! You can check out Eon Altar on Steam Early Access here:

You can grab the controller apps on iOS and Google Play. Just make sure your mobile devices are on the same network as your PC for Steam, and you should be off to the races!

Booth Under Construction
Our booth has been super busy, and we're loving showing off our game! I admit, our game is a bit hard to describe sometimes. But when people have gotten their hands on the game and played through it a bit, you can see their faces light up as the whole thing just clicks. It's been an absolutely amazing experience watching folks play and have fun with it.

 I think this Steam review actually says it really well:
The shining point here is how much the game feels like a computer aided D&d session. The second screens also pop up with secret quests, individual responses and reactions just for that character. Just like a GM passed you a private note. Player dialogue is not voiced, but pops up ONLY on your screen and you are expected to say it in your best full-on Renn Fair voice. This is totally stupid and totally awesome, especially when the dialogue goes all high fantasy cliche.
Watching players actually perform voices was fantastic. Totally not required, not everybody was that into it, but watching some folks really get into it was deeply satisfying. So many laughs and smiles.

Nicole Tanner of Pixelkin stopped by and played our game for a bit, and had this to say about Eon Altar:
Since I’ve been playing games for more than 30 years, I’m always delighted when I see a game that’s innovative and truly unique...I really can’t overstate how impressed I was with this game. I encourage everyone to check it out.
I admit, the rush is almost overwhelming. I'm pretty sure I was running solely on adrenaline by the end of the day, but that kind of fantastic feedback is beyond what I personally expected. Not because I don't believe in our game, I's so hard to be objective when you're so close to it. It's too easy to see even the most minute "warts" and be really hard on yourself as a content creator. That's not to say we don't have work to do--we do, and a fair bit of it--but getting the game out there has been quite affirming so far. Absolutely nothing like working on application software. Nobody got this excited about OneDrive and Office. Well, almost nobody.

We're on the floor for the rest of PAX still, so if you're around, come by and give the game a try. We're happy to answer questions, let folks give it a whirl, and hear feedback--both the good and what needs improvement. Same with our Early Access build. We want to hear what folks really like, and what needs more work, tweaking, or what just isn't working for you. You can find our primary forums here, but we are taking a gander at the Steam discussions, too.

We need to get some more photos of folks playing from tomorrow. I'll be at the booth tomorrow and Monday (I'm personally taking Sunday to see a bit of the show and visit some friends), but we're so stoked to be there, and be (somewhat) released!
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  1. awesome progress you are all making - presenting something at pax would be a whole other level of excitement and anxiety too haha