Friday, October 23, 2015

One-Shotting Mannoroth Normal, and Vacation!

So we're still slowly making progress through Normal Hellfire Citadel. The problem we've had over the past few months has largely been attendance. We're pretty much down to 2 - 3 weeks a month running 3 hours each. However, when we get to new bosses we've been pretty handily trouncing them. Iskar was a two-shot, Zakuun was a one-shot, Socrethar was a two-shot. Tyrant was a two-shot. Xhul'horac...well, he took us a good 15 pulls over a couple weeks, so that was a bit of a blocker for us. Other blockers included Gorefiend (of course) and Kilrogg.

But Mannoroth was a complete pushover. We one-shot him, and really sloppily, too. Granted, folks are generally pretty good about self-healing, defensive cooldowns, etc. so once folks have specific mechanics down, we're pretty well set up for a kill. Mannoroth's mechanics aren't terribly complex, it's mostly about positioning. Also, his hit box is annoyingly small compared to his model and giant red circle, I kept being too far from him as melee.

Dear Blizzard, please to be more consistent about hit boxes after 5 expansions.

Anyways, below is our raw kill video. I'm the raid caller, as usual. Raid calling is surprisingly taxing on the mental throughput, though usually because I'm DPSing, planning the raid's next moves, giving folks on the fly advice, and constantly bungling my rotation, heh.

We've already gotten two pulls on Archimonde, and he already promises to be a much more difficult fight. Should be a good time!


I'm flying out at 9AM to Honolulu for 4 days, then off to Melbourne, Australia for 7 days to hang out and go to PAX AUS! I went to the very first PAX AUS and it was a charming tent city that I had to take a train to get to. This time it's at a proper convention center by the Yarra River near the CBD. I made some new friends the last time I went that I'll be seeing again, plus visiting one of our Aussie guildies.

I also have a friend from Junior High School I'll be visiting that I ran into randomly last time, which was surreal, given we both lived in Yellowknife, NT, Canada when we went to school together. Literally the opposite side of the globe in almost every possible direction.

I'll probably post some stuff from Hawaii, then for sure an update from PAX AUS. We'll see if I get bored enough on the beach to slam out a different post, but I expect it to be relatively quiet around here in the meantime.

Onwards and upwards!
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  1. Yeah Mannoroth's hitbox became one of my biggest pet peeves in the entire dungeon. He summons adds and yet his hitbox is so small that Fire Shock rarely will bounce to the adds (from him) and Fire Nova has trouble reaching them; even with appropriate glyphs >:\.