Sunday, January 3, 2016

[Minecraft] Automate All the Things!

It's been a while since I last posted; nearly a month. December was busy, between a trip to Toronto to see family, running tech support for Eon Altar, doing some apartment hunting, and some money hunting, it left me with little drive for much else.

However, January is here and I figured, let's toss something up on the Interwebs!

And what better than a video tour of my Minecraft base? A few folks on Twitter were curious to see, so I made a video of the different contraptions I built--generally using other people's tutorials, but I'm starting to get better at redstone free-hand so hopefully I'll start building things of my own soon!

Farms/contraptions you'll see in the video include: a semi-automatic cocoa bean farm, automatic cactus farm, item sorting system, automatic golem (iron/poppies) farm, automatic sugarcane farm, automatic pumpkin and melon farms, semi-automatic wheat/potato/carrot farm, semi-automatic cow cooker, automatic smelters, and a villager generation/trading hut.

I still have a few more farms to set up long-term: an automatic slime farm, a mob spawner sky-farm for sweet sweet overworld mob drops, and a gold/XP farm in the Nether. If I was really saucy, I could set up an automatic witch hut, but my Villagers provide me with plenty of redstone and glowstone, so there's not much point. But once the other farms are done, I'll be well on my way to having as many materials as I could ever want and I can build, build, build!

Without further ado, the video!

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  1. I have a post on the back burner about all the automated farms our server now has. Most of them were built by Aaron, who is really into that. (He built the witch farm despite supply from them not being an issue. But now we have many, many sticks!) But at least I built the first one, my sugar cane farm.