Wednesday, May 4, 2016

That New Minecraft Server Smell

I love new Minecraft worlds. That feeling of limitless possibility: new machines to build, new landscapes to explore, new ideas to try. So for 1.9 I've reset my Minecraft server.

My first goal for it was to try something a little new with respect to landscapes, so this time I've made it generate using the AMPLIFIED terrain type. What this does is basically turn everything into extreme biomes, with extremely exaggerated vertical features. The result is lots of super high mountains all the way to build height, very deep valleys, floating islands, massive overhangs, and all in all it looks absolutely gorgeous.

World Spawn
The above image is just the area where World Spawn is, and already you can see a number of floating islands in the distance, and crazy mountainous terrain. I cannot wait to start exploring some deserts, mesas, and ice spikes biomes to see what happens there. There's a swamp to my right in that picture, and swamps became superflat, so that'll make for some awesome slime hunting at night. There's also a witch hut in a stone throw's distance, so I may finally get to make a witch farm, too.

The house there is my communal spawn hut. I'm hoping as folks join the server they'll make shops and services in the (relatively) flat plains area. For now I've created a mineshaft, a basic house, a cow farm, a tree farm, sugarcane, and a carrots+wheat farm. All manual of course. Took me about 4 hours, so not so bad.

Inside is very basic still.
But given just how up and down the terrain is, and all of the overhangs, exploration in an amplified world is a fair bit more dangerous than a normal world. Mobs spawn during the day under floating islands and overhangs and sudden drops will kill you quick, plus exploration in general is slower because there's so much more climbing.

I've already died twice: once from a creeper dropping in from above me and exploding, and another time falling to my death. Still getting used to the 1.9 combat mechanics.

Anyhow, for my Twitter/Facebook/Blogging/Battle.NET friends, if you're interested in playing, drop me a line and I'll be happy to have you on. I'm going to keep my invites to folks I interact with semi-regularly to keep the possibility of griefing low. Note that it is a Vanilla server, no server mods, but frankly I'm okay with that. Anyhow, server is new and pristine, and playing with friends is fun!


  1. Cool, new world smell. I am always a bit torn between the idea of exploring some place new and giving up work already done on our current world.

    I was doing some raw world stuff a couple weeks back when they had a couple test MineServers up for backers of the Kickstarter to help try out. Fun/interesting/scary to be out in the world again with no tools, no housing, no rail lines!

    1. Yeah, I was loathe to give up all of my automated farms, though 1.9 broke a few things so it wasn't quite so painful. But I can always remake them with my own twist instead of just copying tutorials, so that's pretty exciting too.

      I like starting over in games. A lot of design effort tends to go into the first few hours of a game (MMOs like WoW are almost strange in that these days it's the reverse, all the design time goes into the end), so often that first few hours tends to be the most exciting imho.